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Ward-Beck News

  • QTP
  • Save installation dollars with QTP

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  • Testing our new 3D printer – Video
  • We have been busy this week building and testing our new 3D printer at Ward-Beck Systems. Adam from our R&D team assembled this printer from parts supplied by the manufacturer. It took a while to put the printer together, but … Continue reading

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Product Updates

  • Lobby V3.1
  • There are 28 projects on the go with the team. Products showcased last year are being put through extensive testing.  The AVB engines are running.  There are so many speakers here and isolation booth may be needed… And There are … Continue reading

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  • What’s going on at Ward-Beck!
  • It might still be summer – the season for vacation – but we have been busy at Ward-Beck, redesigning old products, introducing new ones, and putting more effort into R & D than ever. To keep you up to date … Continue reading

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  • Lies my digital video engineer told me.
  • 7
  • (Eugene Johnson joins us today with a great column on “Lies my digital video engineer told me.”) 1) Once the audio signal is digitized, it is perfect, impervious to noise and degradation, much better than an analog signal. 2) After … Continue reading

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Ward-Beck Systems. First by Design.
Professional audio and video monitors, amplifiers, converters, meters, and processors for high definition (HD) broadcasting since 1967.